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by | Dec 16, 2015 | Telecommunications

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There has been a lot of talk about the new generation of mobile phone communication technology – 4G. Like any new entrant in the market, 4G has grabbed everyone’s attention, making it the talk of the town. As it steadily makes way into the mobile market, there are certain questions that plague our minds. ‘Is it any good?’ ‘How is it better than the 3G network that I have been using so far?’ ‘Is it going to be worth the bucks we’d be shelling?’ So here is a complete lowdown on all that you stand to gain with 4G so that the decision about switching becomes easier for you.

It’s Super-Fast

With all the advertisements about 4G being broadcasted lately; the sure thing each one of you knows by now, is that it offers amazing speed. It also enhances faster browsing, data transfer, uploads, downloads and a lot more. Furthermore, the quality of video calling, live video & music streaming becomes richer and gives the user an amazing experience.

Offers Wider Range of Network Coverage

4G networks generally offer coverage along a wider perimeter as compared to other systems such as Wi-Fi, for which users need to depend on hotspots. The rising popularity and demand for 4G network continues to grow steadily, and the connectivity could be established almost everywhere. Meaning, a stronger network and connectivity at all times.

It is more Safe & Secure

As we continue to depend more and more on the digital world to manage our social and business activities, there’s one big threat constantly looming over our heads – Online Security. Especially now, when we have important and confidential information stored on our smartphones. One of the major strengths of 4G network is a high level of security, safety and privacy that it offers.

Comes with Exciting Offers!

Being comparatively new in the market, 4G networks are yet to form a stiff base of loyal customers. The need to build a strong customer base has inspired the network providers to offer some amazing schemes to new subscribers. In fact popular mobile brands are now providing introductory 4G offers to their new customers. Such offers are making it an extremely reasonable and profitable deal for the customers.

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