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by | Oct 2, 2018 | Classified Ads

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There is no doubt that the mobile phone market is booming. With 650 million mobile phones in use and 1 billion people still without any, the supply is nowhere close to the demand.

This is giving rise to the second-hand smartphone market. A lot of people want to upgrade to newer models with better features but do not know what to do with their old phones. This is where second-hand product selling websites come in where they can put their used mobiles for sale in Mumbai.

They let the seller advertise their product, and the buyer gets multiple options to choose from. But buying a used smartphone comes with its risks, from being physically damaged to having faults that cannot be seen from the outside and even some sellers scamming their customers after taking the money.

Thus, it is essential to be careful while purchasing a used phone and know all the ways to check its condition and authenticity.

Physical Examination:

The buyer should start with the physical examination of the phone. They should look for cracks in the screen or dents in the body. They should also use the phone for a couple of minutes to detect ghost touches or fails in touch registration.


The customer can open multiple apps to check how the phone handles the heavy usage. Memory-intensive games can be played to know the performance limits of the phone.

Several apps are available on the Play Store to check the performance and features of the phone. They test various features like a responsive touchscreen, battery life, and the availability of additional features like gyrometer, light sensor, etc.

The buyer can also perform manual checks of the battery by switching off and restarting the phone. A difference of more than 3% in the two values is an indication of poor battery life.

The buyer should also check the usability of other ports and accessories by using headphones, sim card, and memory card.


Most importantly, the buyer should check for the authenticity of the phone. They can do this by checking the bill for the seller’s name along with the device’s IMEI number and comparing the IMEI number from the phone and the box.

In conclusion, with proper precautions, customers can entirely rely on buying used mobiles for sale in Mumbai, especially from online services like website that enable a buyer to see all the details of a product and search for products that match their specific needs. Like us on Facebook.

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