Custom Picture Frames Tips: Add Dimension and Beauty to Your Walls

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Arts & Entertainment

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Custom picture frames can be an ideal gift for a variety of occasions. It’s also a great way to make a statement in your own space. Whether for home, an office, or a commercial establishment picture frames decorate a wall in a personalized way that can look fabulous. Regardless of the type of picture in that picture frame, the frame can add to or detract from the beauty of a photograph, a painting, a diploma, or whatever other material is hung on a wall in a frame.

Naked walls can leave a space looking a little bit bleak. Conversely, too much crowding on a wall can take away from a space.  Here are some tips

  • Instead of reserving walls for framed art, you can frame your own art, the art of your children, and family photos.
  • Do you have a great view at home? Consider taking photos at different times of day or in different seasons to display in custom picture frames in your home. You could also do a combination of filters, such as no filter, black and white, sepia, and so forth.
  • Consider mixing and matching great frames. You can pick up the colour of the room or an accent colour in the frame but you can also go with something very different, so that you can draw attention to the picture frames and the picture within.
  • Measuring everything out so that all picture frames are equal width apart in perfect proportion can look great. But so can a cluster of photo frames in various sizes in the center of a big wall.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match great frames.

Whether it’s a work of art you want to display or you are uploading family photos to have framed in custom picture frames, consider ArtDotz. There are great wall mounting kits that won’t leave damage behind if you later need to move or want to change the configuration of wall hangings.

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