How To Find Women’s Sunglasses Online

by | Mar 7, 2016 | Shopping & Fashion

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Using the Internet is an enjoyable experience for most because they can buy almost anything without leaving the comfort of their residence. However, when considering women’s sunglasses, you may worry about purchasing them online, since there are many varieties and options. While it may be best to go to a store to ensure that you find something suitable, most people don’t want to or cannot locate a convenient store in their neighborhood, which is why shopping on the Internet is so convenient. Therefore, knowing a few tips can help.

Your Face Shape

Every woman has a particular face shape, and your first step is to find out what yours is. To do so, take and print a picture of yourself with your hair away from the face. Place dots on the photograph at the jawline, cheekbones and brow line and then draw lines to connect all the dots in one fluid motion. If you can’t find a picture or don’t have a printer, you can also use lipstick and a mirror, but this can be messy.

Frame Suggestions For Your Face Shape

There are five primary shapes, including heart-shapes, oblong, square, round and oval. If you have an oval face, the dots on the photograph or mirror will show cheeks that are farther away than anything else. The jaw and brow line will curve inward slightly, as well. Almost any frames will work with this shape.

Round faces have cheekbones set far apart, as well, but there is more of a curve in the brow and jawline. Square and rectangular frames are most flattering for you.

Heart-shaped faces will have the brow dots farther apart and closer jawline dots. If you want to buy women’s sunglasses online, you should consider rimless options, such as aviators.

Square faces have all the dots an equal distance apart. You’ll be able to tell more with a measuring tape to be sure. Cat-eye or round styles work well with this shape.

Oblong faces have more space between the jaw and brow line. Oversize frames will probably be the best for you.


To ensure you get proper measurements, you should consider using a tape measure and measure the space between the dots mentioned above. However, if you cannot find a tape measure or don’t want to be bothered, you can use a piece of lined paper and mark how many lines between each dot.

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