What You Must Know About JRI Card – A Digital Wallet

by | May 9, 2016 | Telecommunications

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Buying and selling of goods or services began with barter exchange, and soon this transformed into cash transactions. Later with time as the technology advanced further, we switched to plastic money or banking cards including debit/credit cards which improved the convenience of payment. Although we still make use of banking cards and Net banking, the new concept of digital money or digital wallets has added more security and comfort to our lives.

Let’s understand digital wallets

Digital wallet or E-wallet (in my words)

While doing online purchasing through a computer or smartphone, a user can make an online payment directly from a pre-loaded facility where he has stored his money. This facility is termed as an e-wallet or a digital wallet, and the funds stored therein are termed as digital money. One can load money from his/her bank account directly into an online wallet and shop as per his convenience.

What’s really interesting about a digital wallet?

A digital wallet makes you free from the burden of using cards or cash. Usually whenever we purchase an online item, we have to fill out an order form with all our details including banking details. Nevertheless, with digital wallets, a tedious task like this can be skipped. As the payment information is already stored once in the digital wallet, it will be automatically updated the time you want to make payment for an order. Also the information entered by the consumer is encrypted and protected by a software code; the user is at complete safety.

Other Benefits of a Digital Wallet

  • Online wallets are payment options freely available on the merchant’s web store.

  • Cart abandonment by online shoppers is reduced. Users can make payment instantly.

  • Easy tracking of transactions including money loaded from bank and money spent.

  • Hassles of carrying cash are avoided.

What can I buy using digital wallets?

Anything from ordering online grocery, booking travel tickets, making utility payments, electricity and telephone bills, online retail purchases, etc. can be done using digital wallets.

Even Prepaid Mobile recharging can be easily done through online wallets!!

As a special example, we have the JRI card, a secure online wallet in the cloud that is offered by JustRechargeIt.com for recharging your prepaid mobile phones, DTH connections and Data cards.

How to load your JRI Card?

Before recharging your prepaid mobile phone through a JRI card, you need to ensure that your JRI card is loaded with sufficient balance to recharge your connection.

  • Select ‘JRI Card’ option once you’ve signed into your “My Account” panel.

  • Enter amount & Proceed to Pay.

  • From the payment options, select your mode of payment and proceed with the payment. The money will now be stored in your JRI card securely.

How JRI card works

After registering on our website, follow simple steps to transfer money from your bank account into the JRI card. It hardly takes any time!

  • Sign in

  • Enter you prepaid mobile phone number

  • Select your service provider

  • Enter recharge amount

  • Proceed to payment page by clicking on JustRechargeIt

  • From the available payment options, select JRI card

  • Click on proceed to pay

  • Done!!

Advantages of using a JRI card

  • Repeat-A-Recharge is basically a function which allows you to do your previously done recharge without entering amount and other details. This is done with a single click of a button. Schedule-A-Recharge is another feature in which you can select your preferred date and time for an automatic recharge to take place in advance. While using Repeat-A-Recharge and Schedule-A-Recharge functions, your payment is automatically deducted from the JRI card.

  • Recharging your mobile phone is possible anywhere and at any time as you have the power of instant online purchasing.

  • You can enjoy a faster checkout experience followed by a lightning fast recharge after using the JRI card.

Make your recharge more secured and faster with the user-friendly JRI card. Get rid of the lengthy formalities for making online payment. Learn more about the JRI card and experience the magic of recharging with speed. JustRechargeIt.com is a 24×7 service that makes your mobile communication convenient than ever. Register today and enjoy multiple benefits of recharging online.

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