Excess Baggage: Definition and Benefits

by | May 10, 2017 | Transportation and Logistics

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We’ve seen it all before: people wearing extra layers of clothing and trying to cram as much stuff into their pockets as possible, all in an ungainly attempt to reduce the weight of their luggage, Hand Luggage Only recounts. They’re certainly well within their rights to do so. But still, if you can avoid this hassle and stress, why wouldn’t you?

You might be smirking now, but if you won’t be soon if you get to the counter and get up getting slapped with expensive excess baggage fees. That’s where excess baggage services come in.

What are excess baggage services?

These services basically pick up your luggage from your doorstep and deliver it to where you’re going. Going on a cruise? Spending a few days at an exotic beach resort? Going on a much-awaited trip to the Land of the Rising Sun? Then picking a luggage delivery service can get a lot of stress and worries off your plate.

Why go for a baggage service?

These services provide you with shipping assistance for your excess, overweight or oversize bags. If you have giant pieces of luggage, you could end up paying airline carriers hefty fees. If the costs are, more or less, the same, it makes sense to simply hire a baggage service.

What are the benefits?

Some excess baggage services offer free pickup service. That’s a good benefit to start with. By shipping your bags, you can take your time getting to the airport simply because you no longer need to worry about long lines at the check-in counter. You won’t have to lug around heavy bags. Nothing jettisons your image of being a cool, sophisticated traveler more than having to schlep along heavy bags.

How to find one?

Consider cost, service line-up and reputation. Don’t forget to check online for reviews to have a clearer idea which ones are great and which ones are a bad bet.

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