Shipping cargo from UK to India is no longer a tough task

by | Jul 21, 2017 | Transportation and Logistics

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Sending cargo across the various countries has been a long tradition. People all across the world ship items from one place to another for their loved ones or commercial purpose. Be it a gift item for special occasions or large amount of cargo for your business one has to rely on shipping services to carry out the needful. Previously sea was the only route of shipment which would take days and even months to reach the destination. But with progressing time newer modes of delivery have evolved.

If you are planning on sending cargo from UK to India then you no longer have to worry about the mode and cost. There are various cargo shipment modes that one can choose from. Be it the air freight cargo or sea freight one can be rest assured that their cargo will reach their rightful owners. The sea freight will definitely take a longer time but is cheaper and the best ode for large quantity and large size cargoes. If however you are looking for a faster alternative air freight is the way to go even though it would cost you more.

The charge of shipping cargo from UK to India depends upon the weight and the number of boxes. There are fixed airport to airport or port to port charges depending upon the weight of the cargo. Apart from that there are certain handling and clearance charges in UK that also have to be paid. Sometimes certain duties and taxes have to be paid which are imposed upon by the Indian customs authorities. One can opt for pick up from the nearest port or airport or pay a little extra for door to door services whereby smaller items like gifts can reach your loved ones at the given date and time for a little surprise.

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