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Crowdfunding means the pooling of funds contributed by different sources, small and large, for a business venture or a cause. This includes raising money with the help of any contributor ready to invest money, no matter how small the investment is. There may be several platforms available for use to raise funds by crowdfunding. These include – internet mediated registries, mail-order subscriptions and benefit events. But because of the ease and accessibility of the internet, internet mediated method of fundraising is the most popular platform.

Day by day new crowdfunding websites are springing up. And these emerge as websites to raise money for a cause. These help the project initiators or entrepreneurs to accumulate as much as funds as possible by approaching the potential investors to contribute their money for a greater good. The websites also help spread awareness of the project at hand. Websites help you go through the contributions via cash, cheques or online transactions. At times, initiating a fundraiser using these websites meant for crowdfunding is absolutely free of cost. One such easy and free crowdfunding platform online is.

Ketto is Asia’s most visited and trusted crowdfunding platform and holds the largest contribution community. This is thus a website to raise money for a cause. This particular website offers tried and tested, result-oriented marketing tips and ideas to help with the fundraising process. Also, Ketto guarantees instant updates of the fundraiser progress via email and SMS. Ketto answers to all kinds of queries via its 24*7 online chat service. Also it gives the project initiators provisions for personalising the fundraising pages within a very short span of time. So crowdfunding basically helps anyone with an idea to pitch in front of potential investors, worldwide, via internet mediated platforms. As a result, everyday crowdfunding websites like Ketto are attracting thousands of people with the hope of starting something big even if they have little or no funds to turn into reality.

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