What items in your wardrobe need to be dry cleaned?

by | May 29, 2017 | Business

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Do your favorite pair of clothes require a frequent trip to the dry cleaners? Or do you prefer washing them at home? At Pressto India, we believe in solving your dry cleaning needs and making it more convenient for you.

Below is a list of clothes that should be taken to a dry cleaner rather than trying to wash it at home.

*     Any garment that needs a crisp pressing: If you wear polos or shirts or simply cotton pants to work, you surely want to look like professional. We have the right boilers and equipment’s to make sure your garments are pressed without a wrinkle to help you give the best look.

*     Suits: Suits have the distinction of being expensive and being made with delicate fabrics. You certainly don’t want to run them on a home washing machine or expose them to water. So, if you want to keep looking great, feel perfect, fit right, you certainly need to get it dry cleaned regularly.

*     Clothes having a “dry clean only” sign: This is something that is obvious but there are various clothes that have this sign marked on the tag. If the manufacturer marks any cloth for dry cleaning, this means the material is either dye, fabric or have particular accessories like buttons and sequins that are delicate.

*     Some leather and suede items: We also do luxury shoes cleaning and leather jacket cleaning. If you own an expensive pair of leather shoes or jacket, you surely don’t want to wash them with water or harsh soaps. Therefore, its is best to give for dry cleaning at Pressto India, one of the best wardrobe dry cleaners in Bangalore.

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