5 Good Reasons to Pay for a Baggage Delivery Service

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Transportation and Logistics

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Airlines are well-known for charging astronomical rates for overweight or excess bags. If you want to save on costs, here’s why you should use a baggage delivery service instead.

Too much stuff

When there’s just too much stuff that they won’t fit into your bag anymore, you don’t need to start tossing items and leaving things behind. With a delivery service to take care of your extra baggage, you won’t have to leave a thing behind, says 1000 Travel Tips.

Cost savings

Don’t keep paying for overpriced airline charges just to get your oversized bags shipped. By opting for a delivery service, you can save on costs. If you’re under a budget or looking for ways to lower your costs—lower shipping expenses means more shopping funds, after all—then this is a good option to explore.

Heavy items

Say you’re on your way to do a shoot on location. You’ll need to pack along heavy, expensive equipment. If you don’t want to find any of your equipment damaged during transport, then finding a good delivery service to handle, store and deliver any heavy items you need on site will be a far safer option. Since many airlines are guilty of subjecting passenger bags to a lot of abuse, any heavy items you ship might receive the same treatment or worse.

Secure delivery

One advantage to choosing a delivery service is that you get better security for your bags. Because shipping firms are all about the transport and delivery of bags, they have networks and systems in place to ensure your bags arrive at your doorstep without being stolen or tampered with.

Less hassle

No need to lug your luggage with you to the airport. With a baggage delivery service, you can go that much faster through the airport since you won’t have to worry about checking in your luggage or schlepping it around.

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