International Air Cargo Services to the Rescue

by | Sep 7, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

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In the business world today, logistics can present some of the biggest challenges and problems. From storage to shipping, you need the most efficient methods to remain competitive in the 21st Century. When you ship your products you will notice a variety of benefits with international air cargo services, including speed and simplicity. Let’s take a look at why this may be your best option.

When Speed is Important

When you ship things overseas by water vessel, you will enjoy some benefits but speed is not one of them. It can take a very long time for boats to travel from one destination to another. In addition, they may stop at several places along the way and it can be very time consuming to get large vessels into harbor, unload them and then head back out to sea. If you want the fastest possible overseas shipping, you will need to consider international air cargo services.

Tighter Security

After you consider all the options for overseas shipping, air freight is the most secure. For example, a typical airport has a great deal of security since the 911 incident of 2001. In fact, it can be very difficult to get into an airport cargo area without proper authorization, due to all of the security features in place.

Some unloading docks for ships may be very large and take up a great deal of space. It can be difficult to maintain tight security in places like these because there could be many companies all operating at the same time. In other words, it would not be too difficult for anyone to enter one of these docks under the right circumstances.

Shipment Tracking

When you ship by air, tracking your cargo is not hard. The top shipping companies offer online tracking methods and it only takes a few minutes time. Although ocean going vessels can be tracked, it is much easier to track air shipments from international air cargo services.

Delivery Delays

Any shipment can get delayed when you ship a long distance. Factors like vehicle breakdowns and weather can play a role in the logistics process. However, air freight delays are usually minor in nature. For example, if a flight is cancelled another one might be available within an hour or so. On the other hand, a delay with ocean vessels could be significant and too many delays can hurt your business reputation and cause you to lose customers. When you want the most efficient overseas shipping, international air cargo services may be the best option for you.

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