Squint or cross eye

by | May 24, 2016 | Business

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Squint is a condition of eye, mostly seen is children. Squint is also known as cross eye, or strabismus. This is a condition where both eye are not aligned with each other. This results from weakening of the muscles that control the eye ball. One or more eye ball muscles may be involved in this, and accordingly will result in eye ball to abnormally turn either right, left, upward, or downward direction. Squint can be found at any age, but is often seen in children. Many babies are born with squint. Fortunately, squint can be treated in most cases. However, may need surgical correction in some cases.

You may need an expert eye surgeon with experience in squint correction surgery, a paediatric ophthalmologist in case of kids. Treatment of squint should start as soon as it is diagnosed. The expert squint specialist would examine the patient thoroughly and then advise the suitable treatment, surgical or otherwise.

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