Successful Use of Online Crowdfunding for Fundraising Efforts

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Business

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Of the many existing and contemporary advances in the digital fundraising space over the past years, one of the most engaging is online crowdfunding. Online fundraising initiatives were created for the sole purpose of generating donations to fund a particular cause or nonprofit. There are both nonprofit crowdfunding platforms and cause-based platforms that are available for the common purpose of generating funds for the cause. Nonprofit organizations are gradually realizing that online crowdfunding provides effective means for raising money.

Although features vary among online crowdfunding platforms, the primary crowdfunding sites are ones that permit the nonprofit agency to establish an online campaign to raise funds. Money is payable and acceptable directly via the page and with the use of the site’s built in credit card processor that is secure and safe for processing the personal information of the donor. It is essential to verify the solidity of the host page because there are two very important factors. The originator wants a guarantee that their project will be successful and the contributors want to feel assured that their bank information is secure.

The conditions of the sites will also vary and most of them will allow the originator to establish fundraising pages for the charities they wish to support, while others will permit the nonprofit to establish a master page for the campaign and additionally, allow the supporters of the charity or campaign to create pages that they can utilize to allow their friends and associates to make a contribution towards the set goal of the lead campaign.  There are many people turning to online crowdfunding to raise money for different efforts. Therefore, it’s important to establish a quality page with credible stories to support the campaign.

It is believed that online crowdfunding works more efficiently for funding particular campaigns or products, and not as well for basic fundraising or annual type donation requests. There are some sites that cater to specific events while others target other areas of interest or need. In all efforts of the campaign coordinator, it is most beneficial that the selected host site is one that will appropriately support the type of funding being requested.

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