Tips for Shipping Fragile or Irreplaceable Packages

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Transportation and Logistics

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When it comes to mailing objects, especially long distances, you should expect your package to arrive to its destination with at least a little bit of external wear and tear. This is an unfortunate reality that can cause some anxiety when it comes to shipping delicate or irreplaceable object. Simply placing a fragile sticker cannot ensure that your goods will arrive intact. Thankfully, there are some other things that can help running from using newspaper for packing or a door to door air freight service, for nearly every budget.

Use Lots of Packing Material

Styrofoam packing peanuts, bubble wrap, wadded paper or any other form of packing material is a good way to cushion the content of your package from the inevitable impacts and movements that may occur during the shipping process. While this may increase the size of the parcel itself, it should not increase the weight, and therefore may not increase the postage price.

Consider Insurance

Many shipping services offer insurance packages, either offering a flat fee to cover a fixed amount, or an adjustable rate to cover the specific value of your parcel’s contents. While this ensures that, should the package be lost, you will be reimbursed the approximate value of the contents, it also can help provide tracking to prevent the package from being lost. Some services may even reimburse you for damages inflicted during shipping, but check each company’s specific policies.

Use a Door to Door Service

Minimizing the number of times your valuables change hands can work wonders for minimizing the chances of lost or damaged packaging. Generally costing more than standard shipping, these services can even pick up your package from home. Available both local and domestic, a door to door air freight service could be the best way to ensure your package arrives in great condition.

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