UN Certified Packaging for Hazardous Goods Shipping

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

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If you have a need to ship anything that is considered as being hazardous materials, then you need to get familiar on hazardous goods shipping by talking to the experts at Fast Way Express India for advice. This can be a very complicated procedure, especially when it comes to sorting through all the different required UN certified packaging for hazardous goods shipping procedures.

Let Professionals Help with Hazardous Goods Shipping Requirements

If you are confused about what kind of UN certified packaging your shipment requires for any type of hazardous goods, then it is time to get the advice of experts in this area. There are required methods of packing, specific types of boxes, specific marked labels, etc. for hazardous goods shipping and it can be hard for the average person to keep up with the latest in rules and regulations regarding this area.

What are Hazardous Goods?

Hazardous goods could include many things, including items such as chemicals, DGR goods, explosives, and more. You should get a list from your shipping company so that you know if your items meet the need for this type of special handling. Shippers who expect to be sending any type of hazardous materials should speak with their shipping company far in advance so as to set up everything needed to package, box and ship out their package.

Other names for UN Specific Packaging for Hazardous Goods

The type of UN specification packaging for hazardous goods shipping may be listed by more than one title, including hazmat, dangerous goods, performance oriented packaging, infectious packaging, DOT packaging, and special packaging for paint and other chemicals. It all means the same thing in the long run and requires special treatment.

So, if your shipment requires UN Certified Packaging due to it being hazardous goods shipping, then talk to the experts at Fast Way India for more details.

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